Course Selection
We will give you information about your options for studying and living in Australia and help you with your study and visa applications. We have up-to-date course information from many Australian institutions and always aware of any changes to visa policy. We will provide you with accurate information that is tailored to your needs

Visa options and requirements are sometimes subject to change. In order to stay up to date, the best place to get accurate information is on the Department of Home Affairswebsite. The website provides comprehensive information on the types of visas available for different levels of study in Australia.

Step by step process to study abroad

  • We listen to you

    Tell us about your education up to now, your interests, ambitions and skillsets, as well as your preferred lifestyle location

    We can suggest some great options as well as locations
    Our team of counsellors is very well trained to answer all queries and help to choose the appropriate path leading to the program well suited to their interests and previous qualifications.

  • We work out the details
    We’ll go into detail to find a education provider that can offer your courses aligned with your career path

    We’ll check that you meet the entry requirements and talk about visa requirements at this stage.
    Student Agency is managed by a professional team, who have years of experience in the areas of education in Australia
  • Application process
    We will liaise with the authorities and your education provider

    All you need to do is ensure that you’ve got appropriate health cover, insurance, sufficient financial resources, and that you meet any English language requirements.
  • Student Visa Application
    We help you step by step with the visa application process

    We explain you all terminology and immigration office requirements. We help you gather the necessary documents, undergo medical check-up and with filling your visa application


We’ve helped thousands of international students reach their study goals

Choosing a course of study in Australia can be daunting, with so many quality options available and numerous wonderful locations to live in while you do it.

If you’re not sure where to start, or if you think you know where you’re going but want expert advice first, then speak with us before you apply.

Our qualified and experienced education counsellors would love to hear your story and help you develop a comprehensive learning plan to get you where you want to go. And with our extensive institutional relationships, we can help you confirm if you’re looking at the right courses (or suggest alternatives if we know there’s something better).

  • Speak one-on-one with an education counsellor
  • Almost all our counsellors have been an international student at some point of time, so we’ve got real empathy and first-hand experience to share with you
  • We speak many languages within the company, so someone on our team will be able to help you in a language that you are most comfortable talking in
  • Our in-house team of registered migration agents can organise everything from study visas to residency visas for you.
Our experienced Education Counsellors will take the time to learn about your career aspirations, lifestyle, career and migration goals if any so we can offer tailored, personal advice.
  • Quality Education
    Excellent ranking of Australian universities, 15 Nobel Prize Laureates, internationally recognized degrees, focus on innovation and research, large choice of possible careers
  • Personal Growth
    We will help you enjoy your studies, classmates and teachers in Australia and you will learn to exchange, think, debate, and above all: the “positive” attitude!
  • Unique Lifestyle
    Safe, modern and clean country, 4 Australian cities among the best 10 liveable cities in the world, amazing nature all over Australia, feeling of personal space and freedom
  • Multiculturalism
    A successful melting pot of more than 200 nations that will allow you to apprehend different cultures and develop relations with students from all around the world
  • Career Prospects
    You will tick all boxes: You’ll be fluent in English, an independent thinker, an international graduate, and have unlimited job opportunities in Australia with competitive salaries
  • Prestige
    The degrees and qualifications from Australian higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class

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