Students International  Education Group

SI has the biggest agencies network – 45 offices, representatives and partners in various cities of Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorus, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Latvia .

SI sends more than 3000 students abroad each year. We more than 250 partner educational institutions in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Malta, Japan and other countries.

Our company participates in more than 20 annually educational fairs in Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Latvia. Besides that Students International conducts own educational roadshows in 29 cities annually.
Students International has partnership with more than 150 universities and schools in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan .

We are the only company which publish many specialised brochures in Russian and Ukrainian languages: «Education in Canada», «Education in Europe», «Education in Australia», «Education in New Zealand».

SI is a highly professional team with a huge experience in marketing and recruiting, who get regular training in foreign educational institutions and participate in major international conferences, trainings and workshops:CECN, ICEF , ALPHE, StudyWorld, IALC, etc...

SI – is your reliable and up-and-coming partner!

• 2004 - 2008 “The best educational agency in Russia” (magazine “Education Abroad”)

• 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 STM Star Award (Study Travel Magazine, UK)

Our partners stay with us  because together we make business better!

• Marketing audit and planning for the beginning of your work on Vietnamese, Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh markets.

• Event management in more than 40 cities where SI representative offices are located (exhibitions, presentations, agent trainings).

• Participation in annual SI Road Shows in 29 cities of Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

• WEB-Management: editing, translation and creation of your new web site targeted on local markets. Promotion of the educational institution via local search engines and Internet resources.

• Design, translation and publishing of the brochures of your institution given the special traits of local markets. Distribution of the brochures to target audience in different cities through the network of offices, during education fairs and in local educational institutions.

• Participation with you or on behalf of your institution in fairs, conferences and seminars.

• Common organisation of agent trainings and familiarisation trips.

• Search of partner educational institutions in Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan according to given criteria and partnership scheme.

• Brand management: image creation and optimisation of your expenses for advertising and promotion.

• Creation and support of the local alumni communities of your educational institutions.

• Follow up work after your participation in the fairs.