Cộng Hòa Séc – 3 sự thật có thể bạn chưa biết

1. The Jewish Cemetery

When the cemetery is full and no longer part of the land which could expand, a new cemetery will be created by coating the current burial ground floor up to build the new graves. This took place in the Old Jewish Cemetery, Vladislavova street, New Town, in the ghetto in Prague, Czech Republic

This cemetery is one of the burial places of the ancient Jewish people exist in the world.

The period from 1439 to 1787, the Jews of Prague are not allowed to bury the deceased at the outside neighborhood Josefov and according to the Hebrew faith to move the tombstone is strictly prohibited. Therefore, sufficient land for burial, the land shed overlapping single solution. For over 300 years, 12 times the land shed cemetery upstairs existing graves to make room for the new deceased.

2. The Czech Republic has not yet use the euro

Czech Republic is one of 9 Member States the European Union (EU) has not switched to the euro area and by this time the majority of people are still nostalgic for the traditional co koruna.

You should know that, when a country joins the EU, the euro is not a prerequisite. So constantly begging Czech Republic once in the transition to a common currency used by meet other conditions, such as the budget deficit below 3%, public debt below 60%.

There are many reasons why this country has not yet decided, but one of them is the Czech Republic achieved a higher standard of living before and people do not want to come back together. People feared the euro threatens “Czech tiny island but peaceful.” As predicted by experts, about 2 years, the official Euro will be used here.

3. Primary education in the Czech Republic

In Vietnam, for a point of interest for the college is both an effort and try our best spend countless effort and money me.Nguoc father, in the Czech Republic, the parents not do nothing

bring your child to school. And all the next, has been received or not entirely depends on you.

Enrollment in Grade 1 took place across the country in one day. Another nice thing is taking place before the date of enrollment in kindergarten for her students to visit schools in the area before. Through it, children have no comments to your favorite choice over which school (but of course the final decision is still due to the parents).

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